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A Mão Esquerda da Escuridão - Ursula K. Le Guin


The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula Le Guin, can be read as an anthropological adventure into the Science Fiction genre, where freewill and determinism are confronted. The differences between the Earth and the Planet Winter were striking, mainly for the fact that there was no kind of division based on sex since the physiology of their inhabitants was duo-sex.

In this adventure, the protagonist Genly Ai realized that there was a balance between determinism and freewill. This balance was "forced" by both the environment, which was just an eternal freezing season, as much as by the inhabitants of the planet, among whom there was no "he" or "she." In one way or another, freewill and determinism, the society was based on the individual as a whole, because male and female existed only when there was an implicit and natural need.

The experience that Genly Ai had in Planet Winter was so deep on the psychological level, that when he returned to Earth he realized the importance of perspective, that in our self-view, maybe there are examples of heroism, and life goes on.


Student 1 As to Form there are a number of awkward structures in this short essay: "mainly for the fact," "no kind of division," "the physiology was duo-sex, "just an eternal freezing season," "there was no 'he' or she'" and other phrasings required careful editing and thought. For example, there was definitely male and female behavior on the planet so the last phrase is patently false. Rules for capitalization were ignored in many cases.
Student 2 Although the text is well structured, organized and easy to follow, it was too short and below the minimum amount of words required. 
Student 3 your form isn't clear, I would like to see stronger narrative of your idea. if you were to take the issue on gender or prof rabkin's question.
Student 4 Grammar, structure and usage are all well done.
Student 1 The essayist mentioned a number of broad ideas without developing any single one in this short essay. The writer of this essay did submit a piece of writing on time. 
Student 2 The ideas are clear but as I previously said, the text was too short. 
Student 3 Content examples should have been more prudent, if you were to write on the same sex issue or question on determinism or free will. otherwise, the content is good.
Student 4 I agree that the theme is balance not feminism. Le Guin eventually grasps the massive cultural impact of feminism and finds her female voice or voices, but not yet in 1969.

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