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As Crônicas Marcianas - Ray Bradbury

Adorei este livro. Bradbury conseguiu com uma simplicidade incrível tratar de assuntos profundos. Recomendo a todos esta leitura, apreciadores ou não de ficção científica. (nota que recebi 3,5 / de 6)


The Martian Chronicles, show a unethical side of the human being when they ignore the respect about the space of others. It is just a judgment of deservedness. The abuse in requiring any territory, whether physical, psychological, etc.., whatever the arguments are, it is a shameful disrespect.

In human history there are many examples where this disrespect was present, as in the case of the Spaniards against the Mayan people, the Portuguese against Africans, and even the Americans against the native Indians. Even with a right that doesn’t belong to them, as you invade anything there is always the argument that something is different. In AND THE MOON BE STILL AS BRIGHT, Captain Spender says: Anything that's strange is no good to the average American. Often, political motives are behind these invasions. At the end of the book, in THE MILLION-YEAR PICNIC, we can read this apology: Forgive me if I talk like a politician. I am, after all, a former state governor, and I was honest and they hated me for it.

The reason for the invasion in Mars was the very destruction of the Earth by its own inhabitants. Is this a valid argument?


Student 1 Your use of language is colorful, and your sentence construction is varied and well-paced. However, your essay might benefit if you fixed a few grammatical and word usage mistakes, such as where you use the word "required" when "acquired" may have expressed your ideas more effectively.
Student 2 Inappropriate use of all caps when referring to the selections from the book (use quotation, please), and some grammatical errors. However, it is very clear structure.
Student 3 Your writing seems a little disjointed and difficult to follow to me. There are grammar errors, like an unnecessary comma after the third word, and a final sentence in the first paragraph that probably needs to be broken down into two sentences. Your pace improves after that, but I'm not sure about your final question. The argument in question, which is or isn't valid, is not clear. Spender's quote should probably be an actual quotation from the book, or be summarized without the colon.
Student 4 There are a number of grammatical errors and misuse of English. 
Student 1 Your discussion of the human disrespect for Mars and its previous inhabitants is relevant and interesting. Your essay might gain through clarification of some of the sentences used to present your ideas, though, such as "Even with a right that doesn’t belong to them, as you invade anything there is always the argument that something is different."
Student 2 I think the use of historical reference is a good thing, but the arguments laid out are not very articulate.
Student 3 I definitely agree with you that this disrespect of which you speak was a central theme to Bradbury's book. I think you could have dug into this a little more. Based on the stories here, do you feel that the author was suggesting that this disrespect is a common attribute in all humans? Are there any exceptions? How do the martians compare to some of the other disrespected natives that you mention?
Student 4 The thesis that the exploitation of one people by another is not very original. No one could argue with it, but the writing would have been enriched by some unique observations.
Student 2 → The idea the author tries to convey is clear, but the arguments are not very convincing.


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