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Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

O clássico Frankenstein é um livro complexo, que explora as diversas facetas das tendências humanas. O estudo desse livro despertou certa ponderação. A criatura, a princípio, é extremamente meiga e carente. Ao contrário do que se pensa, Frankenstein é o nome do criador do "monstro", e para mim ele é o verdadeiro monstro de toda a história.

Minha nota foi 4, ainda me esforçando para chegar perto da nota máxima que é 6.

Segue abaixo minhas considerações e avaliações:


"Frankenstein" is an immortalized literary which possess numerous ingredients, these are: anger, love, death, pain, family, friendship, prejudice, contempt, loneliness and revenge. But a clear point that we can see is about the fact that man is not necessarily an evil being by nature, but he can became it if he does not fit the models and rules imposed by society, which are considered correct by that society. The "Monster" was rejected because he did not have an aesthetic like the one adopted as beautiful by society. He was discriminated and his feelings of rejection made from him an angry a person who ends up committing many crimes.

The work of Mary Shelley is charged with social denunciations. Portrays the story of a character that was deprived of affection and generosity and through that, was thrown into the "empty social." As much as the social distinction is ideally regulated by merit of wealth and education, it changed the picture of the old regime, where society was hierarchical by state criteria. This is evident in the speech of the creature itself: I learned that the possessions most esteemed by your fellow creatures were high and unsullied descent united with riches. A man might be respect with only one of these advantages, but without either he was considered, except in very rare instances, as a vagabond and a slave, doomed to waste his powers for the profits of the chosen few.
The book invites us to a profound inner reflection regarding the human potential and the many variables that make this potential underestimated. Or in a worst-case scenario, when the many negative influence transforms the finest human beings in the most hideous monsters.


Student 1 Good words and sentences usage, the structure is not very good, but is still alright, enough to help the reader understand. Some places in the paragraph seem need to be change the position of sentences

Student 2 I found the structure of the essay to be mixed up in places. It may have been more helpful to outline your argument at the beginning and to try to add more points to support what you were saying. The grammar use was poor in places which made understanding some points difficult. I would try to improve on the way your essay is laid out next time and perhaps you could read it aloud - this is a useful tool to help with sentence structure and grammar.

Student 3 I don't see any particular subject which could enrich your writing. I don't say that its perfect, only that i don't have enough knowledge on the matter to do so.

Student 4 Average job. Author is jumping from one thought to another without bringing them to the end.


Student 1 The content of this essay is not special, but it has the traditional value of the Novel, good discussions

Student 2 There were some interesting points in this essay which enriched my understanding of the book, particularly the point about underestimating human potential. The form of the essay however made it difficult to follow what the argument at times.

Student 3 I liked your thesis and the way you choose to develop it. Well done.

Student 4 I do not agree with the author and his arguments did not convince me. Concepts of beauty and ugliness are always subjective.

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